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Simplified Chinese Language品牌的发想,单纯的只是想远离单调,创意生活期许能让“美学“融入日常生活的商品当中,而不单单只是一项触不可”艺术品”。


为了创造更优质、更时尚、更美观的生活意境为出发,延续人类求新、求好、求变的渴望, 让美好的氛围透过小小的改变,使心情更加的愉悦,此一理想乃为实践「得艺生活、惬意人生」的境界,期许我们的努力能为您增添生活色彩。簡報1投影片3

About Our Company Yuen Young Plastic Co., Ltd

Yuen Young Plastics Co., Ltd. Is a Professional Manufacturer of Self Healing and Environmentally Cutting Mats. Various Sizes are Available.

Specializes In All Kinds Of Stationery, Craft, Patchwork, Sewing, Quilting Tool Such As Acrylic Ruler And Rotary Cutter.

Other Daily Necessities Like Table Mats, Antibacterial Plastic Cutting Boards could be Personalized.

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