Rotary Cutter

Rotary Cutter




  • Cutting Fabric Cleanly and Precisely
  • Cutting Straightly is Easier than Scissor
  • Patented and Safety Design Make it Easy to Use Either Left or Right Hand User
  • Blades Could be Replaced Based on Requests Like Straight, Skip, Pinking, Waving and Scoring


Yuen Young Plastic Co,, Ltd offer all kinds of sewing product in the market.

The Rotary Cutter make it easy to cut fabric cleanly and precisely.
♦Cutting straightly is easier than scissor

♦Patented and safety design make it easy to use eight left or right hand user

♦Blades could be replaced like straight , skip, pinking, waving and scoring

♦Suitable for sewing, quilting, embroidery, card craft and DIY purpose

Feel free to contact us if need other accessories like Cutting Mat and Acrylic Ruler


45 mm Rotary Cutter 

item Weight MOQ
45 mm Rotary Cutter 0.12 kgs 144 pcs
  • For multi functional purposes, there are various blades available.

Blade Options

item Weight MOQ
Blade (Straight) 0.02 kgs 500 pcs
Blade (Straight) – 2 0.02 kgs 500 pcs
Blade (Skip) 0.02 kgs 500 pcs
Blade (Pinking) 0.02 kgs 500 pcs
Blade (Waving) 0.02 kgs 500 pcs
Blade (Scoring) 0.02 kgs 500 pcs

Color Options 

Item Color Options
45 mm Rotary Cutter Blue, Green, Pink
  • Extra Package like oval sticker, folded paper card are available, feel free to ask us if need


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1.Can the blade be switched to the other side for left-handed use ?

Yes, Just loosen the plastic nut and put the blade on the other side.

2.Does “45 mm” in the name of radius, diameter or circumference of the blade ?

The 45 mm refer to the circumference.

3.How long do the blades stay sharp if cutting fabric only ?

It depend on how often you use and what type of material you are cutting.

4.When is the lead time ?

Estimated 3-10 days to delivery sample and retail order after payment confirmed by 3rd part institution.

Estimated 25-35 days to delivery after design confirmed and deposit received

5.Who will purchase this item ?

For all craft, workshop, office and school users. Not recommend for children’s use.

6.How could I get samples to review ?

Samples in stock are free of charge, only freight on your account


UESTA have more than 13 experience in craft business. help many clients built their target industries.

All of our products are 100 % made in Taiwan and only one bank account In Taiwan

  • Seller are not responsible for any duties, taxes for worldwide shipment, please check out before buying
  • We accept various of secure payment like Alipay, West union, T/T and PayPal
  • Product test reports and patent are also available on request
  • There are several priority or economical express options available, we will process the shipment timely
  • We promise refund and return policy if the product received is not as described, low quality and defect flaw
  • Come to find real customer reviews of various and feedback on the internet will help you confirm our quality

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