How Ece Friendly Cutting Mat Improve Our Life


How Ece Friendly Cutting Mat Improve Our Life

UESTA Eco Friendly Cutting Mat is designed and produced by Yuen Young Plastics Co., Ltd and applied patents in several countries. High quality control to guarantee the products meet or exceed customer’s expectation.

Meet EN-71 EU regulations and CNS in the Bureau of Standards. 100% Eco friendly material without plasticizer pass the heavy metal inspections like PAHs and Rohs.

Since the plasticizer is included in the recycling PVC cutting mat, it might cause allergy and hormone imbalance. Waste should be handled properly, otherwise Dioxin when burning will destroy our environment.

For corporate responsibility and sustainable development, Yuen Young have devoted time and cost to evolved GREEN substituted material. Thankfully, we developed Eco Friendly Cutting Mat, and its odor-free property getting more and more popular in US & EU markets.





傳統回收料PVC因添加塑化劑,可能造成過敏與影響生理荷爾蒙 ,廢棄回收若無妥善處理,焚化所產生的戴奧辛會嚴重地破壞環境。